Sunday, April 19, 2015

Yellow winged Darter

Dragonfly with their mosaic eyes and sheer wings pose with pleasure .In flight the adult with its powerful wings can propel and dart in all directions.These agile fliers with iridescent colours and graceful poise is any photographer's delight!

Type: Closeup or Macro or Insect (arthropod) Photography 

Tips /Considerations:

  • Get as close as possible to the subject (Be in safe distance from the object, if you are shooting a dangerous creature to avoid an attack :-) ) 
  • Background plays a major role in macro photography. If your subject is dark colored, try to have a lighter background and vice-versa. You may use the Flash to get dark background 
  • Shoot the object with Shallow depth of field. i.e., low f/stops supported by your lens (Full /Big Aperture). For example, f2.8 makes all except the object out of focus(Blurred) 
  • Use macro(prime) or Telephoto lens; For better lighting, you might go for ring flash with macro lens or Telephoto lens which provides enough room to add external flash( if required) between your camera & object 
  • Decide on the point of focus as it will change scene entirely different 
  • To aviod shakes, go for tripod with remote shutter release or camera self-timer
  • Shoot in the twilight or dusk as these species move slow and provides time to focus
  • Review your shoot in LCD and if required shoot again; Be patient too!!!

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